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Whether they come from the Bay of Mont St Michel or the Landes of Gascogne's forest , since its inception, Primeurs de St Malo is constantly expanding its offer of carrots in order to supply its customers a product availability throughout the year. This means a strong presence in key production areas which are Aquitaine and Normandy, and a wide choice in terms of packaging, quality and price.



Product Description


  • "Nantes" type carrot, washed, hydrocooled, no leaves
  • Créances Sand carrot, washed or not
  • Bunch carrot
  • Also exists in organic et baby-vegetables



Production Areas


  • Normandy (Créances, Val de Saire, Mt St Michel)


Mt St Michel

Packing Station


Packing station


Packing station





  • Landes (South of Bordeaux)




Production Schedule



Area J F M A M J J A S O N D
Landes (Bunch)                        
Mont St Michel                        
Val de Saire                        





  • The equipments of our packing stations allow us to provide a fine calibration, adapted to all requests, even special ones







  • Landes


Cardboard 12kg, Bags 10-5-3-2-1kg,   Big Bag 1 tonn....

Bunch carrot loose or under flowpack

Refrigerated containers for sea-freight to Africa or West indies


 Box 12kg Landes  Bag 10kg Landes

Bunch Carrot

Sam' Botte




  • Normandy


Box 12kg cardboard/wood, Bags 10-5-3-2-1kg,   Big Bag 1 tonn....,

Sand Carrots from Créances (not  washed) in 14-12kg box, cardboard 5kg

Sand Carrots from Créances "hand packaged" in 12kg box

Refrigerated containers for sea-freight to Africa or West indies