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For many years, the cultivation of tomato in Brittany has grown steadily to become now the first French region in quantities. Always innovative, Breton growers now offer diversified products in color, taste and shape.




The range is divided into 3 categories:tomates



- The Essentials, "traditional" tomatoes (round, long, vine tomatoes), the core assortment

- The Discoveries, original tomatoes , heirloom and colorful varieties

- The Small Fruits, small sized colorful tomatoes   for all occasions





The Essentials


  • Extra Vine Tomatoes(5 fruits minimum) or Cat 1 in 10kg cardboard (also exists in organic production )



  • Coloured Vine Tomatoes (Yellow, Orange, Green and Black) in 5kg box



  • Loose Round Tomatoes, Extra or Cat 1, box 6 kg, size 47/57-57/67-67/72-72/82 (also exists in organic production)




  • Round Tomatoes 1 tray, Cat 1, box 7kg, size 82/102




  • "Fleshy" Tomatoes, Cat 1, box 7kg, sizes 72/82-82/92-92/102-102+



  • Long Tomatoes, Extra or Cat 1, loose box or 1 tray 6kg, punnet, flowpack



  • Cocktail Vine Tomatoes, loose 3kg ou punnet 500gr



  • "Beefheart" Tomatoes, Cat 1, 3 colours (red, turning red, green), box 1 tray 6kg or loose box 3.5kg







The Discoveries


  • Heirloom Tomatoes "Saveur d'Antan", mix of 6 varieties of different colors and shapes, box 3.5kg ou 1.5kg, punnet 1kg




  • San Marzano Tomato, long and fleshy tomato, box 1 tray 7kg or loose 4kg




  • Black Crimea Tomato, purple ribbed tomato, loose 3.5kg




  • "Heirloom Heart" Tomato, heart-shaped tomato, loose 3.5kg



  • Andes Horn Tomato, pepper-shaped tomato, loose 3.5kg



  • Green Zebra Tomato, round tomato with green stripes, loose 3.5kg




  • Pineapple Tomato, yellow/green round tomato, loose 3.5kg




  • Pink Tomato, its name comes from its colour, loose 3.5kg






The Small Fruits


  • Red Cherry Tomato, round, loose (4kg) or in punnet 250g/500g



  • "Pigeon Heart" Tomato, long cherry tomato, loose (3kg) or in punnet 250g/500g



  • Yellow Cherry Tomato, round tomato, loose (4kg) or in punnet 250g




  • Vine Cherry Tomato, loose 3kg, punnet 350g/500g, flowpack 200g



  •  "Jardin du Prince", Premium Cherry Vine Tomato, loose 3kg



  • Mixed Punnet 250gr (red/yellow cherry tomato or yellow cherry/pigeon heart tomato) and Mixed Shaker 250gr




  • Mixed Small bags in 125 and 250gr




  • Mixed Baskets (4 punnets 300gr yellow cherry and 4 pigeon heart)



  • Appetizers Punnets, in 500gr (4 different cherry tomatoes in punnet) and 350gr (3 different tomatoes)






Production Area


  • Brittany (St Pol, Paimpol)



Production Schedule



  J F M A M J J A S O N D
San Marzano                        
Black Crimea                        
Red Cherry                        
Cherry Vine                        
Pigeon Heart                        
Yellow cherry